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Biography of our new Pastors ! They were officially installed on Jan 26.


The Reverends Beth and Donald Costlow met when they were students at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg (LTSG).  It was Pastor Don’s senior year, and Pastor Beth’s first year.  Nine months after their first date, they were married; they celebrated their nineteenth wedding anniversary in September.


Pastor Don was born in western Pennsylvania, in a rural community between Johnstown and Altoona.  His father was a coal miner; his mother was home with their children for many years before going to work as a cook in a school cafeteria.  Pastor Don has a twin brother, Ron; the two boys are the youngest of ten children.


Pastor Beth was born in upstate New York, and moved to central Florida when she was young.  Her parents were divorced and both remarried a few years later, so she grew up with parents and step-parents.  Her father was a computer programmer for the State of New York until his death.  Her mother was a retired bookkeeper for the school district where she lived in Florida.  Pastor Beth is the middle of three children born to her parents; she also has a half-sister, and six step-siblings.   


Pastor Beth attended high school and college in Florida.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Elementary Education, and taught for several years before beginning seminary.  Also second-career pastor, Pastor Don worked for several years as a school custodian before completing an Associates’ degree in Electronics and, eventually, a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Fine Arts. 


Both pastors hold Master of Divinity degrees from LTSG.


Together, Pastors Beth and Don have one child, Jason.  Jason is a teenager who, like most of today’s teens, enjoys video games and watching YouTube videos.  He is also active in Scouts-BSA, having achieved Life Scout rank just a few months ago.  He looks forward to becoming an Eagle Scout.  In addition to scouting, Jason enjoys playing trombone in the school band and participating in church youth activities. 


In his spare time, Pastor Don enjoys music.  He can often be found with his guitar in his arms, a song book in front of him, and his voice ringing out for all to hear and appreciate.  Pastor Beth likes to knit, cook, and read.  They share enthusiasm for travel, especially if they can board a cruise ship. 


They have been privileged to serve God in separate parishes for more than sixteen years, and are excited by the prospect of serving as co-pastors. 

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