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Dear Partners in Ministry,


We begin a new administration in our nation this month, and we pray always for our leaders, that they will govern with wisdom and justice for all the people.  Unfortunately, what we uncovered during the campaign season, is a nation that is deeply divided over and struggling with issues about race, ethnicity, and gender.


Many people wrestled with how their faith informs decision-making regarding two very flawed candidates who each brought baggage with them.  So, for many, it felt like a compromise of Christian principles to cast a ballot.


What I found interesting about the whole experience was the degree of biblical illiteracy that was expressed.  People were misrepresenting the Bible to justify their decisions.  It is unfortunate that as our culture becomes more and more secularized, we seem to become less familiar with what the Bible actually says, and we use our perception of it to reinforce our preconceived ideas.


Therefore, I’m suggesting that we enter this new year by committing ourselves to renewed study of the Scriptures.  I encourage you to make that one of your New Year’s resolutions, to set aside time every day to read at least a chapter of the Bible.  I would also like to provide more opportunities for group Bible study—either on Sunday morning or one evening a week.  If you are interested in either, please let me know.


In our Wednesday morning KAIROS Bible Study, we have been exploring Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, since 2017 marks the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.  We have had a lot of fun in that class.  We look not just at the Lutheran Catechism, but also the biblical basis behind the catechism, because that grounding in Scripture was so very important to Martin Luther.  So I’d like to offer a similar study for those of you who are not able to join us on Wednesday mornings.  Again, let me know if you are interested in being part of a group that explores God’s Word together.



~Pastor Mark


P.S. Again my profound thanks to all of you who kindly gave me gifts during Christmas.  Each one showed great thoughtfulness – from the tangible gifts to me personally to the gifts given in my honor to ELCA Good Gifts and the South Carolina Synod’s Gifts of Hope.


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