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JUNE 2017




Dear Partners in Ministry,


Our Council has had discussions about the aging membership of our congregation and the difficulty of attracting younger members—a dilemma shared by churches of all denominations in North America these days.  What I appreciated about this discussion is that the Council saw this as the congregation’s responsibility and not just the pastors’.  Several of my pastor colleagues are going through the Call process with other congregations and one of the most frequently asked questions is, “Pastor, what are YOU going to do to grow this church?”  There seems to be an illusion that if a church gets a really dynamic preacher, then people will start flocking through the door.


What I appreciate about the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour is that it is not viewed as “Pastor Mark’s Church,” but that we all have a shared responsibility to help it be the best faith community that it can be.  I’d like to lift up two examples of that.


The first is the Friendly Visitors.  It is impossible for any pastor to be able to visit homebound members as frequently as they would like.  Our Friendly Visitors share that ministry with the pastors by making frequent visits themselves.  This is enormously appreciated by our homebound members.  Even when the coordinator, Joan Riley, moved to Texas, Doug Bell stepped in to help continue this vital ministry.


The second example is the number of members of the congregation who serve on the Board of our 501c3 and who volunteer in the ministries in manages.  All three of the community ministries covered by our 501c3 are running in the black and have projected income to cover the coming fiscal year (July 2017-June 2018).  This includes the Preschool, the Pantry, and the After School Program. 


Although the After School Program welcomes volunteers—and has benefited from pen pals and Christmas Angels—this ministry has not required as much participation as the other two.  I am so impressed with the dedication of the volunteers who help out with the Preschool and the Pantry.  These hard-working volunteers truly live out their faith by showing God’s love to the community around the church.  Not everyone can donate their time, of course, so the congregation has been equally generous in contributing financially to these ministries.


As school ends, the sounds of little voices in the church hallway subside.  But we are already planning for next Fall, and have the highest enrollment for this time of the year than we have had for many years.  And we are pleased that Karen Moose will step in to take on the leadership for our 501c3 as Sandy Wise’s term is up.


While I have mentioned some organized ministries, I also appreciate the informal ways in which you join me in providing pastoral care for your fellow members.  I very much appreciate it when someone says to me, “Pastor, I wasn’t sure if you’d heard that so-and-so had gone into the hospital.”  Or when someone texts me and suggests that they think a friend of theirs would benefit from a phone call from me.  We are in this ministry together.  It is why I always address you in the newsletters and in my Worship Matters e-mails as “partners in ministry.”  I am extremely grateful for your partnership.  It is a sign of a healthy congregation.  Keep up the good work!



~Pastor Mark

Minutes – Church Council meeting May 21, 2017


Minutes were not final at the time of June Messenger publication.





Treasurer’s Report


Memo To:      LCOS Council                                    Date: May 12, 2017

From:             Laurette Saffy

Subject:         April, 2017 Financial Reports


  • Offerings for the month were $13,778 under budget.  Receipts for Facilities Support were $596 over budget for the month.  We currently have a positive cash flow for the month, but if you compare the actual YTD Offerings to the Actual YTD Budgeted Expenses this is still a negative.
  • The General Operating Fund has a negative balance of $13,269.58. 
  • Giving for OSCM Pantry and World Hunger combined was $2,164.
  • Other non-budgeted receipts included $1,272 for Building Initiative, $939 for Spanish Ministry, $2,880 for Columbariums and $5,450 for the Kneelers.
  • There was a memorial fund receipt of $380.
  • The church is still owed $499 for deposits paid on the 2017 beach trip.
  • The BB&T Checking Account has been reconciled as of the date of this report.



Respectfully submitted,

Laurette Saffy, Treasurer

As Summer approaches, we hope that everyone enjoys a wonderful & relaxing time!  Here are some tips for you to consider:


SUMMER WORSHIP – If you want to have more time on Sunday for a recreational activity, consider attending the 8:30 worship service.  Please note we will hold ONE worship service on Sunday, July 2 at 10:00 a.m., followed by our annual Red, White & Blue picnic.


If you are out of town on a Sunday, check the ELCA website (www.ELCA.org)
for the name of a congregation near you.  If you don’t have internet access, call the LCOS office (864/244-2836) and we can look up the information for you.  If you have family and friends visiting you over a weekend, invite them to join us for worship!


OFFERING ENVELOPES – There is an envelope pre-addressed to the church in each bi-monthly packet of offering envelopes mailed to you.  You can use that to send your offering to the church when you will be away.  Or consider electronic giving as a one-time or routine way to donate (operating or designated) funds. We are very grateful for everyone who gives their offering when they are unable to be here on a Sunday; it is a big help since utility bills & routine expenses continue throughout the year.


DAILY E-MAILS, FACEBOOK and WEBSITE – You can keep up-to-date with your LCOS family by joining our daily prayer request/updates and church newsletter (The Messenger) mailing list if you’re not already on it; e-mail your address to k5lcos@bellsouth.net with your request to be added.  If you like to stay connected through social media, find us on Facebook, and check out our website at www.lcosgreenvillesc.org!


Vacations (and “Staycations”) are both necessary & a blessing, giving us a break from daily routine with opportunities to strengthen us physically, mentally & spiritually.  We hope you have a refreshing summer, both in your time of vacation and in your faithful participation!  You can see from all the information packed into this issue of The Messenger that the action doesn’t stop at LCOS, even for a summer break.  We hope to see you here!





Don’t let the lazy days of summer delay your donations to LCOS!

Our ministries – and bills! – are year-round.  Remember that we offer a direct deposit option for your offering.  A set amount can be withdrawn from your checking or savings account and sent directly to the LCOS account for any amount you choose, on any schedule you choose.  Call the church office at 244‑2836 for a direct deposit form to complete, or see page 4 of this Messenger for e-giving options.

     Scan to give to LCOS


LCOS has begun new giving options from the web and your phone!

These are secured and PCI-compliant sites supported by Vanco (our current electronic giving vendor). Each option allows you to create a secured ID and password for current and future activity. This creates a profile in the secured Vanco sites (HTTPS) for your security and protection of your personal information. This is VERY important to LCOS, Vanco and your church council. 


Above is a Quick Response (QR) code that Vanco created specifically for LCOS.  You can use this QR code to link to the mobile version of our web page.


What is this QR code and why use it?

When you scan this barcode-like QR code image with a smartphone's QR decoder, it will instantly connect you to the mobile version of our web page. Try it yourself! To individuals who are familiar with QR codes, it will provide a quick and easy way to access our web page without having to type out our web address and locate our link.


QR (Quick Response) codes will be printed in our bulletins, the Messenger, and posted in various locations at the church. You can scan the QR code with your phone and access a secure mobile site also hosted by Vanco.


Need a QR Decoder on your smartphone?  No problem!

Free applications are available from your phone store to download a QR decoder.


No smartphone?  No problem!

If you have access to a computer, the LCOS website home page has a button labeled DONATE NOW.  This will allow you to set up ongoing and one-time electronic giving from a credit card or bank account.


Not Tech-savvy?  No worries!

Contact the church office to request help or a paper form to fill out & return to sign up for automated giving options.  Call Debbie at the church office (864/244-2836) if you would like to sign up for this option.


News and Notes


Hands On Greenville – we thank you! 


Please convey my thanks and appreciation to the many LCOS members who shared their time, talents, sweat, and in some cases, blood, to make it possible to accomplish so many of our goals for HOG Day 2017.  Oh what a morning we had!


HOG Day 2017 featured a great team of volunteers from LCOS, including Paul Anderson, Gene Bratton, Asha Carnell, Nancy Carter, Ali Eastham, Clint Eastham. Brenda Fairbanks, Gil Fairbanks, Elayne Finkelstein, Connie Gawne, Karen Moose, Denise McKain, Perry McKain, MacKenzie Scott, Noah Smith, Kim Voet, and Tom Wise. 


Working with the wonderful team of Beta Club members and their sponsor, volunteers unloaded, cleaned The Pantry, assembled a storage closet for "NON-GRV" clients, repaired pallets supporting boxes, replaced items and, reloaded the pantry. 


Gene Bratton, in addition to going with Gil to select plants and seeds prior to HOG Day, worked with
Gil & Brenda Fairbanks and four Beta Club young ladies to prepare and begin planting young plants and seeds.  The Wade Hampton students are returning to help with additional planting when Gene deems the timing is right.  Nancy Carter worked tirelessly to rid the entire garden area of the jungle of weeds so all of this could take place, and Gene and Gail Cooley will work together to coax the six beds into producing garden fresh produce for OSCM Pantry clients!


Outside the pantry, the rain curtains were cleaned, the overgrown rose bushes were trimmed, and hours were spent trimming and shaping the large, sharp bushes close to the playground.  Mim Voet spent her entire day attending to the chore of trimming sharp, painful bushes; she and Nancy Carter deserve a medal for their hard work!  Mulch was spread in the playground area and around the LCOS campus, old pallets from the Pumpkin Patch were removed, unsightly objects were disposed of, both swing sets were painted, rubber mulch was moved to inside border, and covers from small sandboxes were removed. 


In addition, our kitchen island was cleaned, items were washed and replaced, tablecloths cleaned and organized, the school classroom windows were cleaned, and teams packed #1 bags, #2 boxes, and #3 boxes. These bags and boxes were then taken to restock the pantry, keeping a few in the library for use when needed.


Our Wade Hampton High School Beta Club members and their sponsor, Lorraine Holeman, were wonderful, and seemed to really enjoy making a difference that will positively impact the lives of so many people!  Perhaps they will share our LCOS mission with their families and friends.


Again, thank you to all.  I had a moment to reflect and give thanks for it all as I circled our campus to be sure all doors were locked!  It looked so good and smelled so good!  What a wonderful day to be thankful for!

~Elayne Finkelstein




The Greenville Rotary Duck Derby was a resounding success again this year thanks to YOUR participation.  LCOS received a check for $358 raised by YOU purchasing ducks for the LCOS team!  These funds will benefit the Lutheroad summer camp. A big THANK YOU to all of LCOS and friends that helped our team be successful!!  Be sure to put Saturday, May 5, 2018 on your calendar for next year’s Reedy River Duck Derby!!


From United Ministries:
On behalf of the Board, staff, volunteers and our participants, we thank you for your congregation’s continuing support of our mission as we unite the people and resources necessary to ensure everyone has the opportunity to thrive in Greenville.


With your help in 2016, we:

● Helped unemployed or underemployed people find 299 jobs

● Provided tutoring, testing materials and fees that enabled 97 people to obtain their GED

● Assisted 26 people with completing technical job training and certifications

● Provided 280 people with soft skills job training

● Helped 30 people to begin to actively put money away in savings and matched $500 for 24 individuals

● Supplied 2,085 households with food

● Provided heat assistance to 645 households with elderly people or infants in the home

● Provided rent or utility assistance to 608 households

● Enabled 85 homeless families to remain together through IHN (GAIHN)

● Provided 5,017 showers to homeless people

● Assisted 27 homeless people and 59 families gain a home


And we could not have completed this work without 151 volunteers and an additional number of IHN congregational volunteers giving 14,676 hours. Thank you!





Congratulations to our 2017 graduates: Angie Carlson, Grace Compton, Jannie Kurtz, Connor Rodgers (graduated college in December), Lauren Saffy, and Ryan Saffy!


We thank our Learning Board & the entire LCOS congregation for helping us recognize & celebrate our graduates on Sunday, May 21.






Needlepoint volunteers needed!

We need 1 or 2 more needlepoint volunteers to help us complete the kneeler cushions project.  If you are able to help us, please contact Janet Olsen.



Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord!

Our chancel choir still needs more female voices!  Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings at 7:30 (September−May).  Talk with Bob Chesebro or any of the choir members for more information.




WELCA News – Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 


Thank you to all the ladies who have donated housecleaning supplies to be taken to the SC  WELCA Convention in June. There will be no Bible Study in June or July.  Our Summer Bible Study will be Saturday, August 5, from 9:30 a.m.−2:00 p.m. with a salad luncheon.  The study is in the Summer Gather magazines and is entitled “All Anew Ready or Not.”  The overview states that “giving birth is a beautiful thing and essential to life, but there is nothing nice about it. Birthing new life is a violent process that produces pain, requires sacrifice and makes a really big mess.  That’s what we are asking for when we plead with God for renewal. Are you ready?”  We ask all ladies of the congregation to join us and participate to make this a lively discussion.


Mary McKeen

President of LCOS WELCA



Healthier Lifestyles

Healthy Cooking classes are on summer break for June, July and August.


Free Blood Pressure & Diabetic checks will be offered on Sunday, June 25 following the 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. worship services. No appointment is necessary.  If you have any questions, please contact our Parish Nurse, Tammy Pursley.



If you know of a member of our church family who is in need of help, please let the church office know!!!  We cannot help if we don’t know of a problem!!   You might be the ONLY person to know that another has a problem or concern.  Please share these with Pastor or me.  I can PROMISE you that we will keep your information in strictest confidence.  But again, remember, if we don't know, we can't help!  Thank you!   Debbie Rheaume, Church Secretary



Lutheran Services Carolinas is dedicated to serving children suffering from abuse or neglect; individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities; individuals with mental illness; refugees; veterans; the homeless or near homeless and many more individuals and families with special needs. Generous donor support helps LSC equip those we serve with the tools they need to improve their quality of life. As LSC must stay exceedingly nimble in response to the government’s varying funding streams, your consistent and continuing support is most appreciated.


We are profoundly grateful to you for the role you play in making it possible for LSC to serve today and to prepare for the future.


Yours in Christ,

Ted Goins Jr., President

Church Activities & Events for June





        6:00 p.m. SMART recovery (Parlor)

        7:00 p.m. Jubilate Handbells – on summer break

      Tuesday: 12:30-2:30 p.m. OSCM Pantry


      11:00 a.m. Kairos Bible Study – on summer break

        7:30 p.m. Chancel Choir – on summer break


      10:00 a.m. Prayer Shawl (Library)

      12:30-2:30 p.m. OSCM Pantry

        5:15 p.m. Praise Singers – on summer break

      Saturday: 10:00 a.m. OSCM Pantry food packing


        8:30 a.m. Worship with Holy Communion

      10:00 a.m. Confirmation Class – on summer break

      10:00 a.m. Sunday Church School

      11:00 a.m. Worship with Holy Communion

        3:00 p.m. Nuestro Salvador Sagrada Comunión (Spanish worship)


Golden Group WILL NOT meet during the summer – June, July, or August. We hope you will plan to join us when we resume in September.  Enjoy your summer!!


WELCA Bible Study is on summer break


June 4:

● Pentecost Sunday – Wear Red!
Family Celebration Potluck
, following our 11:00 a.m. worship service. 

We will be honoring Fathers, Mothers, and Families as well as celebrating Pentecost, when our Church Family began. Meat will be provided by our Fellowship Board. If you have not already signed up for lunch, call Mary McKeen (864/561-3229) or email her (mommamac1943@live.com).

● Synod Leadership Day is coming — and you’re invited! 

    St. Michael Lutheran Church, Greenville, 4:00 p.m.

    A message from Bishop Yoos:

    Ginny, Eric, and I would like to extend an invitation to all congregational leaders, members and rostered leaders to join us at St. Michael Lutheran Church in Greenville on June 4 at 4:00 p.m. for a special opportunity to engage in some crucial conversations together about God’s mission and our life together in Christ. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to hear about what’s going on in our congregations, to share what’s happening in our synod, and to give you valuable information about opportunities to deepen our faith as disciples of Jesus Christ together. We will close with Holy Communion.

    We’re hoping to see many of our brothers and sisters in Christ there with us at St. Michael, and we’re hoping to see you there, too.

June 11:

● Worship in the Park & Picnic at Paris Mountain State Park (see page 17) 

● Church Council, 12:30 p.m. 

June 12: Lutheroad Meet & Greet, 6:00 p.m. (see page 16)

June 12-16: Lutheroad at LCOS (see page 16)

June 13: Visits to Homebound, 2:00 p.m.

June 16-18: LCY Convention at Newberry College (see page 18)

June 18 − Father’s Day

Church Council has set this date for a cake & punch reception in the Fellowship Hall following our 11:00 a.m. worship service to honor the Pilkenton family for their contributions to LCOS. June 18 will be Eric, Stephanie, Jenna & Lexie Pilkenton’s last Sunday to worship with us before they relocate to Summerville/Charleston. Please join us in the Fellowship Hall following our 11:00 a.m. worship service – all are invited & welcome!

June 19-July 14: Summer Arts Camp (see page 15) 

June 20: July Messenger items are due!

June 25: BP & Diabetes Clinic (see page 7)

June 25-30: LCY Camp HUGG (see page 18) 

June 27: Visits to Homebound, 2:00 p.m.

June 28: Worship Board, 6:30 p.m. 


Save these Dates (and watch for updates)!

July 2: Red White & Blue Picnic/Veteran’s Salute following ONE worship service at 10:00 a.m.

July 2-7: LCY Bridge Building Camp (see page 18) 

July 4: Independence Day – LCOS office will be closed

July 16-23: Isle of Palms Family Beach Trip.  Please call/text Elaine Bruce at 864/630-3030 with questions or to reserve dates.

August 6: Favorite Hymns Sunday

August 13: Blessing of Backpacks

September 24: Pig Pickin’

October 22:  Annual Fall congregational meeting

October 28: Trunk or Treat

October 29: Reformation Sunday – Celebrating 500 Years!

November 5: All Saints Sunday

November 19: Thanksgiving Feast



Do you need to check the most up-to-date LCOS calendar?
You don’t have to wait to call the office!
You can find out anytime by visiting our website at  www.lcosgreenvillesc.org/Calendar.asp



Our Saviour Community Ministries Pantry

(formerly known as God’s Pantry II at LCOS)

LCOS and friends are stocking our food pantry to serve our neighbors in need. We need a continual supply of shelf-stable foods, including pasta (1 & 2 lb. packages), soups & ramen noodles, canned vegetables and any low-sugar, high-protein item such as baked beans, mac & cheese, etc.


Each week of the month, OSCM Pantry will focus on collecting a Weekly Food Item to expedite this process:

  • Week One – peanut butter
  • Week Two – breakfast foods, including dry cereals, “complete” pancake mix (add water only) & grits
  • Week Three – canned spaghetti sauce/tomato products
  • Week Four – canned fruit
  • Week Five (also an ongoing need) – canned vegetables


This is a suggested guide; however, we will accept any shelf-stable item at any time.  A great asset will be store sale items and buy one, get one free foods: buy one for you, give one to God via OSCM.  Our goal is to develop our bargain shopping skills so please feel free to pass along “great buys”!  So far, the lowest price & sugar content found for dry cereal is Aldi’s at $1.19 per box while Wal-Mart has the lowest price for grits at $0.88.


At this time, our pantry days and hours remain the same: Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:30–2:30 p.m.


We need a minimum of 20 bags for 1 person in household, 20 boxes for 2 people in household and 20 boxes for 3 people in household to “OPEN” each Tuesday and Thursday


Four volunteers are needed to pack our bags/boxes in the Parish Nurse office once or twice a week to ensure OSCM is “ready” for our clients.  This is currently a work in progress, complicated by “buying” excursions.  Are you eager to help anyway?  Call me, email me or sign up on the form provided on the Parish Nurse Office door.  It’s FAST fun…really!J


Elayne Finkelstein:  864/268-7635 (H#)      864/238- 6737 (C#)   or     lillief70@gmail.com


When shopping at Ingles, please thank them for the free milk boxes: the food pantry is using up to 80 a week!  If you are out and about early, feel free to scoot by Ingles and check out their free box pile and grab any that seem clean and dry!  The boxes are usually closed on one side of the top ... this is great because we need less tape to close them!


When shopping at Publix, please thank them for the free paper bags they are sharing with us: we need 40 per week!


When shopping at BiLO, please thank them for the free paper bags they are also sharing with us!


We are blessed by the support of our community!  I want them to be constantly reminded of how many Lutherans trade with them on a regular basis.....and how this relationship is mutually beneficial!  Thank you!!  Elayne

Update from OSCM Pantry

For the month of April, we served 83 clients with households of 247 people.  This continues to be below our monthly average.


Of these 83 clients, 12 were new to us (since January, 2015) and their households included 38 people.  As usual, most of these new clients were referred to us by friends.


The total number of volunteer time we spent supplying and operating our Pantry was 207.33 hours.  This includes:

● 123.00 hours shopping, sorting and packing

●   83.08 hours working at the Pantry itself

●   1.25 hours in reporting


Additional data on our clients and their households is posted outside the church office.


Respectfully submitted,

Paula Mackintosh



Elayne Finkelstein welcomes volunteers to assist with:

  • Packing food for the OSCM Pantry on Saturdays, at 10:00 a.m.
    Many hands make for speedier results! Volunteers will pack food in the comfort of the air-conditioned Parish Nurse office.
  • Food procurement team
    If you love shopping – especially the hunt for bargains, this is THE perfect opportunity for you.  No interest in shopping?  That’s OK – we also need volunteers to help unload groceries & arrange the items for food packing volunteers.
  • Our teams who assist Pantry families on Tuesdays & Thursdays (12:30-2:30 p.m.)
    Volunteers who can assist with lifting & carrying boxes (or bags) of food to cars will get a great workout – who says exercise has to be boring? You will help families in need while keeping your muscles toned.


If you’re available to help, please contact Elayne (864/238-6737 or lillief70@gmail.com).












To find out more, contact Rose Woelker (rwoelker@rmhcarolinas.com) at 864-235-0506 for volunteer opportunities that you may be interested in.



Our Saviour Lutheran School

2600 Wade Hampton Blvd.

Greenville, SC 29615

(864) 268-4714



Open Enrollment for Fall 2017!


Dear Parents,


We are accepting registrations for the 2017-2018 school year, and we would love to have your child learn with us! Our K2 class offers both 3-day (M-W-F or T-W-Th) and 5-day options; K3 class offers both 4-day (Monday-Thursday) and 5-day options; while our K-4 is an exclusively 5-day program.


To reserve your child’s place, please fill out the application on page 14 and return it to the School office along with the non-refundable registration fee.  It will be important to reserve your child’s spot as soon as possible because space is limited and spots will fill quickly.  Please note, all registration forms must be complete and a check or cash for the full registration fee should be included.


We are very excited for our plans for next school year at Our Saviour Lutheran. We have a number of wonderful changes coming to enhance the learning experience for our students. Please be in prayer for our efforts to reach more families in the surrounding area.  If you have friends or neighbors who are currently searching for an early childhood education center, please spread the word about the greatness of OSLS.



Katie Franks, Director






Our Saviour Lutheran School



Registration                  Same as one month’s tuition

Non-refundable             Payment required at the time of enrollment


Tuition                 Payable beginning in August for 9 months

                                    Payment due by the 10th of the month


K2                        Program Hours:  8:15 AM–12:00 Noon

(Parents will provide      3-day program - $195

a morning snack)           5-day program - $295



K3* & K4             Program Hours: 8:15 AM–12:00 Noon

(Parents will provide      4-day program (K3*) - $240 (Mon-Thurs Only)

a morning snack)           5-day program (K3 & K4) - $320 (includes Amazing Athletes fee)



Late Stay              K2: 12:00 Noon–1:00 PM              K3 & K4: 12:00 Noon–3:00 PM

(All students must         K2 $80 monthly                                K3/K4 $240 Monthly

bring a lunch)                $6.00 per hour (occasional use/would need to know in advance)

                                                Payment due by the 10th of the month

Our Late Stay will provide a safe, protected, and fun environment for your kids from 1:00 p.m.−6:00 p.m. each day.


Each student will have a one-time fee of $30 at the beginning of the 2017 school year.

This fee will cover an OSLS t-shirt and classroom supplies.



Our Saviour Lutheran School reserves the right to modify or discontinue any program or activity for any reason deemed necessary, including but not limited to participation and staffing concerns.






Child’s name ________________________________ Preferred name __________________________   M / F


Street address _________________________________City ________________________Zip ____________


Date of Birth _______________________________   Age as of September 1, 2017 ___________________


Class enrolled for 2017-2018 (based on age as of 9/1/2017):   (Please circle)


                                                K2 (3-day M-W-F)        K2 (3-day T-W-Th)    K2 (5-day)          


                                                                      K3 (4-day M-T-W-Th)         K3 (5-day)


                                                                                                 K4 (5-day) 


Father’s name ____________________________________   Phone number: _________________________


Workplace address ________________________________________   Work number: ___________________


Mother’s name ____________________________________   Phone number: _________________________


Workplace address _________________________________________   Work number: __________________


Best contact email address: _________________________________________________________________



I understand that this application is made for admission of my child to Our Saviour Lutheran School.  The non-refundable registration fee of $ _________ has been paid.  I understand that tuition must be paid in full by the 10th of each month (August–April).  I understand that no refunds will be made during any month for either absences or withdrawals.  I understand that program offerings may change based on enrollment and staffing. It is my responsibility to contact the school regarding any program changes.  I understand that my child must be completely toilet trained before beginning the K-3 program.


Parent Signature _________________________________________________


Date _____________________________________


Please indicate whether your child will attend our Late Stay programs for the 2017-18 school year:

_____  My child will attend Late Stay.  Please circle the days of the week he/she will attend:

Monday                     Tuesday                    Wednesday                            Thursday                            Friday



Office use:    Monthly Tuition Amount (due August thru April)   ______________________


Full enrollment fee paid: _________________   Check # ______________   Cash _____________




After School
2016 – 2017

The school year has wrapped up, and all of our students are ready for summer break. We had a great year of Middle School field trips, parties, crafting, cooking, and parent fellowship. We played endless games of dodgeball and capture the flag, studied countless spelling words, and fought our way through lots of homework. The students persevered through everything with such drive and such good attitudes, and everyone in our After School family became closer. We are so lucky to have a bunch of respectful and happy children with parents who want nothing but the best for them.


On June 19, our Summer Arts Camp begins. Children from the After School, Preschool, Legacy Charter School, community and LCOS will be in attendance. Professional artists from Greenville and abroad will instruct the students in dance, drama, music, visual art, culinary arts, musical theatre, and poetry. If you have a children or an elementary – high school friend who is interested in joining us, please email Laura Estep at estep.laura@gmail.com. We would love to have them!


Our Summer Arts Camp will have a presentation on July 12 at 6:00 p.m. at LCOS. We hope you will join us to see everything the children have learned!


Many thanks to all of our wonderful LCOS supporters, who have supplied Angel Tree gifts, picked up dinner, volunteered, or donated supplies. Thank you to those who have come by to help our children with homework and reading. These moments have truly changed our children’s lives.  A HUGE thanks to G. Ann Bjorkedal, Sue Seamon, Beth Linn, Mary Ann Sahms, Elayne Finkelstein, Doug Bell, Tammy Barnoski, John “3:16” Fuller (whom our children call “Mr. Santa”), the OSCM School Board, OSLS, Amy Hood, Cathy Lentz and Barry Lentz for picking up dinner, assisting with homework and projects, and donating supplies and love to our students!




Our Monthly Family Breakfasts are on break during June & July

On June 4, Pentecost Sunday, there will be a celebration of families potluck following the 11:00 a.m. worship service.


On July 2, we will have our annual Red, White & Blue Picnic following one worship service at 10:00 a.m.







LUTHEROAD is almost here!


We need someone to host the Lutheroad Camp counselors the week of June 11-16.
We do not yet know who our counselors will be, so we don’t know whether they are men/women, but we will have 4 counselors (3 regular counselors and 1 area director).  They will need a place to stay during that week.



Lutheroad Snacks Donations Requested: Our church is asked to provide morning and afternoon snacks for our counselors and campers.  If you can, please donate a box of individually packed snacks for us to use during our week of Lutheroad.  You can bring them to church and leave them in the box in the Education Wing marked for LUTHEROAD SNACKS DONATIONS.



We invite our congregation to mark their calendars for 6:00 p.m. on Monday, June 12.

We will provide hamburgers and hotdogs. Other dishes can be contributed for the Meet & Greet potluck that night with our Lutheroad campers and counselors. ALL are welcome to join us!

If your Last Name starts with A-M: please bring a side dish.

If your Last Name starts with N-Z: bring a dessert.



Thank you!

~Stephanie Pilkenton



Worship – Family – Food – Fun


Church & Picnic in the Park

at Paris Mountain State Park

Sunday, June 11, 10:00 a.m.

Shelter A*





We are offering another opportunity for getting connected with God, our family and faith community in the midst of nature at Paris Mountain State Park. Worship, God’s Word, delicious food, and fellowship, everything in the same place! Your relatives are welcome and your friends as well!

*We will be at Shelter A.  Shelter A is located on the hillside just past the campground (see map below). There are 15 parking spaces at Shelter A; all other vehicles will need to park at the main parking area across from the Park Center. There should be someone on duty at the fee booth upon arrival that can give directions to anyone who may need them.

You are invited to bring a lawn chair for your personal comfort. We encourage you to arrive early to find a nearby parking space and add your food to the buffet.

A sign-up list is available as an insert in our Sunday bulletins for you to indicate which dish you would like to bring for lunch that day. 

Paris Mountain State Park is located five miles north of Greenville. Activities available in the 1,540-acre park include hiking, biking, swimming and picnicking. The 13-acre Lake Placid offers swimming and fishing. 

$5 adults; $3.25 SC seniors (age 65 & older); $3/ child age 6-15; Free for children age 5 & younger. Admission includes access to designated swimming area when it is open.


Confirmation Ministry

LCOS Confirmation classes are on summer break & will resume in August. 



The LCOS playground is available with proper supervision during church hours. Please see Ms. Terri in the Nursery to borrow an access key.





LCY Activities

LCY Convention will be June 16-18 at Newberry College

Camp Hugg for students who have completed grades 9-12 will be June 25-30 at Camp Kinard.

Bridge Building Camp for students who have completed grades 8-12 will be July 2-7 at Camp Kinard.


Register at scsynod.com/youth.  Please contact Clint Eastham if you have questions about these upcoming LCY activities.







Grandkids-n-Me Camp at Lutherock (for children ages 3-12)
July 23-26, 2017


This half-week program is a great opportunity for grandparents and their grandchildren to unplug and focus on their relationship with one another and with God.


Activities include an outing to Wild Cat Lake and Grandfather Mountain State Park, bible study time, and evening activities including campfires, s-mores, Lutherock’s Life, Death & Resurrection of Jesus, and ice cream making.


Housed in Lutherock’s hotel-style Crow’s Nest retreat center, the cost per family unit is:

1 Adult and 1 Child   $295

1 Adult and 2 Children $330

1 Adult and 3 Children  $375

2 Adults and 1 Child $380

2 Adults and 2 Children $420

2 Adults and 3 Children $445

*Each additional child $45    /    Additional room charge $75


To register, visit www.novusway.com
or contact their registration office: registration@novusway.com or (828) 209-6329.





In memory of Hal Linn

Elizabeth Pabst (for music ministry)


If you made a memorial donation to LCOS in the past month that was not listed here, please contact the church office so we may adjust our records.  Thank you.





We extend our Christian love and sympathy to the families & friends of:

•  Pastor David Laakso, upon his death (Mary McKeen’s friend)


May all who mourn find comfort in the promise and the power of the resurrection.
Almighty God, source of all mercy and giver of comfort: Deal graciously, we pray, with those who mourn, that, casting all their sorrow on you, they may know the consolation of your love; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

~Prayer from the Lutheran Book of Worship






Missionary Sponsors and Chancel Flower Donors

The 2017 charts are both available in the Narthex –

dates are still available!






Friendly Visitors needs more volunteers!
Would you like to go visit members of our Church who are ill or can't come to church for health reasons? These visits will be on the 2nd & 4th TUESDAYS OF EACH MONTH (and possibly other days as scheduled). Two volunteers go together and we usually visit 3-4 folks/week, taking any publications and altar flowers that are available.  I have to admit that the visitors get as much from these visits as those we visit; we get to know members we otherwise would never know and know each other who visit better.

To sign up or for more information, contact Doug Bell at dougbell864@gmail.com or 864/325-0615.





Prayer is a powerful gift which each Christian possesses.  Sometimes it is only when we or our loved ones need the prayers of others that we know how very important prayer is!  Our Lord said that we should pray and that we should be persistent in our prayers.   Martin Luther said it didn’t matter when we pray, not how, as long as we do it!  Here is a listing of those for whom we have offered to God our prayers of intercession:


Our members who have become ill or struggled with personal issues within this past month:

Ellen Ahlers

Dianna Brown

Kay Carlson

Marion Cole

Martha Compton

Nell Coogler Miller

Mary Ann Copenhaver

Jean Cummings

Rita Davis

Sherri Erbskorn

Jaime Fivecoat

Renee Goldsworthy

Hillary Kingsbury

John Kingsbury

Kristi & Carl Kurtz

Bob Larson

Mary McKeen

Elizabeth Pabst

Liesel Page

Mina Rangel

Gail & Lee Robbins

Winnie Ross

Sharon Schulz

Doris Wooldridge

Nancy York

Bill Zuber


Our Homebound Members:

Dodie Anderson

Rosalie Burnett

Martha Compton

Toni Counts

Ebb & Suzanne Culp

Rita Davis

Bill & Linda Dunsing

Vivian and Richard Hiller

Russell Hudson

Diki Kagel

Rachel Kluizenaar

Lois Kurtz

Evelyn Melder

Liesel Page

Marlene Ridgeway

Winnie Ross

Ruth Wells

Atria Merrywood/Charlotte, NC –

Wally Ring

The Cascades –

Virginia Simmons

Our church and family members serving in the US military:

Adam Cerniglia

Anthony Coward

Andrew Laing

Kevin McKeen


Our friends:
Gladys Potter, John Turner, Bradley Cade & family, Grace Paff, Sudy Soltysiak, Debbie Cleveland, Taylor Meister, Michael Cooper, Pat Brennan, Linda Fulbright, Melissa Melton, Clifton Weaver, Pastor Earl Steffens, Paula Whitley, Eva Gunderson, Michael McGrady, Walter Hoopman, Dick Chubb, Jimmy Nix, Lucille Allen, Elizabeth Christian Pope, Ralph Hefner, Bob G. Wooldridge, Andie Owens, Lily Hicks, Ivan Parra, Sharon Gromolli, Noah Smith, Richard McNeal, Patsy Cooler, Judy Gravley, Cailyn York, Loretta Glander, John “J.D.” Vanselow, Nena Vance, Fred Rimer, Lori Smith, Connie Weber, Michael Cantey, Charlie Holmesley, Andrew Laing, Eli Aurand, Linda Vaughn, Nick Busby, Nancy Bradley, Jaxon Hensley, John Culp, Stephen Landrum, the Maxwell family, Carolyn Lonkey, Tim Baker, Doris Keeton, Bob & Arlene Hellwig, Nikki, Ruthie Clardy, Doris Crouch, Roxanne Hazelton, Florence Fivecoat, Helen Flannagan, Mary Glover, Sandra Lee, Rhonda Boling, Lance Crawford, Arianna Baird, John “3:16” Fuller, Albie Ahlers, Heather Campfield, Kirk & Jan Patterson, Pam Glass, Jeffrey Jones, Matthew Satterfield, David G., and Ella Culp, who are also coping with health concerns.  Please also pray for Keene Goldsworthy, William & Stacia Nance, Ann Collins, Nelson Cerniglia, Phyllis Jennings, Patsy Goebel, Shanna Boswell, and Christine Tallman.


Please call the church office at
244-2836 to update us when you (or family/friend you added) can be removed from the prayers list!



PLEASE remember that hospitals DO NOT notify us when a member is hospitalized. 
Please call 244-2836 to let us know!!




6/1    John Hillary

6/2    Eric Pilkenton

6/3    Joby Hefner

6/5    Katie Malone

6/7    Liesel Page

6/7    Marion Cole

6/7    Lisa McKain Fuller

6/8    Roberta Cathell

6/8    Ben Hubbard

6/9    Barry Lentz

6/9    Steve Everett

6/10  Mary Johnson

6/10  Katrina Stratton

6/12  Kristi Kurtz

6/14  Sue Seamon

6/14  Katie Cummings

6/15  Allan York

6/15  Paul Anderson

6/15  Anna Patrick

6/15  Charles Pursley

6/16  Asha Carnell

6/18  Beth Linn

6/22  Linda Dunsing

6/22  Janet Olsen

6/22  David Kramer

6/24  Gene Helms

6/25  Jean Cummings

6/25  Maggie Kendig

6/27  Barbara Lassiter-Bomar

6/28  Larry Kinsler

6/30  Mary Counts










06/05/76    Jerry and Christy Smith

06/06/70    Lee and Harriette Smyre

06/07/69    Gil and Brenda Fairbanks

06/19/54    James and Toni Counts

06/24/00    Jimmy and Fran Moore

06/26/65    Gene and Joyce Helms

06/26/76    Dave and Brenda Urke

06/28/70    Harry and Karen Moose

06/29/74    Jaime and Karen Fivecoat

06/30/73    Tom and Mary Rose

06/30/07    Rose and Herb Winfield





Did we miss your special day?

PLEASE call the church office at 244-2836!

We want everyone included!






Please, please – if you know of a member of our church family who is in need of help, PLEASE let the church office know!!!


We cannot help if we do not know of a problem!! It's hard for us Lutherans to share concerns – we don't want to gossip – but sometimes, you might be the ONLY person to know that another has a problem or concern.  Please share these with Pastor or me.  I can PROMISE you that we will keep your name in strictest confidence.  But again, remember, if we don't know, we can't help!


                        Thank you!  Debbie






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